Is it even possible to have a life when you're in law school?

Like everything in life – and even more so in law school – it is a balancing act.

Your blog is great. What other blogs do you recommend?

Lawschooli is a great blog for those interested in law school and created by two UChicago Law graduates. It has some great materials on LSAT prep, admissions, law schools, and 1L classes. I personally used this as I studied for the LSAT and considered where to apply. I recommend it for anyone considering law school.

BibleThinker is a great vlog on religion and philosophy created by my former high school pastor, Mike Winger. Mike is a talented and thoughtful debater. His vlog is great for anyone interested in learning more about God and the Bible. Check him out on YouTube or at

My question isn't listed. What do I do?

I will update the FAQ as needed. If you have a question or notice an inaccuracy in my blog, email me at I look forward to hearing from you.